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True Cod on Root Hash Grub Biscuit Sandwich Grub Daily Soup Grub Freezer Jam Chocolate Pudding Cake Grub Ribeye Grub Burger

Let's Go Grub!



True Cod

over Root

Vegetable Hash

Let's Go Grub!



These Biscuit

Sandwiches will

knock your socks off

Let's Go Grub!



Fresh Soup

Made In House


Let's Go Grub!



Start your day

off right, with fresh

food made from scratch

Let's Go Grub!



Chocolate Pudding

Cake with Salted

Caramel Ice Cream

Let's Go Grub!



Come on in and

See Our Daily

Land & Sea Specials!

Let's Go Grub!




Burger and Fries...


True Cod on Root Hash Grub Biscuit Sandwich Grub Daily Soup Grub Freezer Jam Chocolate Pudding Cake Grub Ribeye Grub Burger
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Recently I have been reflecting over my 30 years of restaurant experience. I started out by watching my parents juggle three restaurants all at once, which included many late nights where I fell asleep in booths waiting to go home. I was too young to remember my father’s first restaurant opening at the World’s Fair in Seattle, but I knew by the age of fifteen this was the industry that sparked my passion. I was blessed with a strong foundation, and all I needed for success was a lot of stamina, a hard work ethic (which I inherited from my parents) and a ton of good luck. I’m fortunate to say I’m still around.

Grub is a collaboration of recipes collected from childhood family dinner memories, a strong influence of different cultures and a variety of blended flavors. It’s what America is made of: a diverse melting pot. I hope you enjoy your experience at Grub, knowing that we dedicate our best efforts to bringing you the freshest ingredients from local produce, meat, and grain sources. I am surrounded and supported by a talented and passionate team, dedicated to my vision, and I believe only greatness can be the result!


This one’s dedicated to you dad!
Thanks for always believing in me mom!

-Sharon Fillingim, Owner & Operator





Behind every endeavor is a team of talented people that share the same vision. Here is my incredible team that I wish to acknowledge and give my deepest heart felt thanks and gratitude:


My FAMILY, who never once said, at least not to my face, "not again…" I could not have been more blessed with such a beautiful family.

Dustin Brown- My son-in-law but really my son, I thank you for this incredible website!

Tony Teske- Your unique menu design that you have created for me has captured the true vision of GRUB, you rock!

NaKenge Adisa- As our paths continue to cross I am truly blessed for that, thank you for your selection of wines that will grace my tables for all my guests to enjoy- your passion is your success.

Joseph Youngblood- You my friend, are a true guardian angel, there is not enough room on this website to list all the huge and small tasks that you have done for me!


….And to my dedicated staff, support team and friends- there is nothing better than knowing you all have "my back". Ditto!

-Sharon Fillingim




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